Monday, March 25, 2013 – Gardening in Earnest


The Spring caught me unaware this year, so I’ll be spending my Spring Break trying to catch up on all the weeding and preparation so I can get the peas in the ground. I like Sugar Snap Peas because they’re so tasty, and I can plant them a little later than the Snow Peas. If you get them in in March, you’ll have deliciousness starting in April, and get a few good crops before the heat sends them shooting up and dries them out.

I will also be adding to the strawberry plants. They overwinter pretty easily here, but I’m still working out ways to keep them up out of the way of dogs and snails. Last year I went with pots, but they’re somewhat, ahem, ugly, so I’m still brainstorming on a nicer way to elevate them.

I also usually put in other vegetables – tomatoes and peppers – but I’m thinking of carrots and cukes this year. Once I’ve got the soil prepared, I’ll go to see what’s available as starts. Unfortunately, the world outside the fence is a bit too rough on seeds, so I usually only grow sunflowers, which are hardy as heck, from seed.

I had hoped to raise a few plants from seeds inside, but the time got away from me this year. Thankfully, in the garden there’s always next year.

Update:  Here are the results of 1 – 1.5 hours of work (I’m a bit ADHD in the garden, so some of my time was spent checking in with the other residents of the garden.)


I haven’t swept or cleaned up yet – I wanted to use all my time digging out weeds and other less desirables.

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