Years ago, I decided to plant my vegetable garden *outside* the fence when friends remarked that they had never tasted peas straight off the vine.  We dug and planted, and waited to see the peas and tomatoes disappear off the plants – but they didn’t.  It took awhile to realize that folks were too polite to eat someone else’s vegetables, so I put up signs that said, “Please eat the peas” and “Please eat the tomatoes.”

My garden is as organic as I can make it with a condo complex right next door.  I use organic soil and amendments, buy organic starters and seeds when possible, and all the weeds are pulled by hand.  I’ve started this blog as a way to share what I know about gardening for anyone who would like to get started.  It’s pretty easy in our climate – all it takes is a little backache, a little sunburn, and a little talking out loud to the plants (which really does help them grow, and the neighbors already suspect I’m already a few pony packs short of a garden.)

Oh, and water.

(Special thanks to Cam Combs for technical advice and all-around support.)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. weifengpan33@gmail.com

    Finally I get to know the beautiful story behind the roadside garden that I have walked past so many times wondering who the mysterious gardener is. Thank you for willing to share the fruits of your hard work and your hospitality to your neighbors!
    – Weifeng Pan who lives at the condo complex right next door.


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