Dirty Hands


Sadly, life got a little exciting last month, and so I missed my chance to grow a lot of plants from seeds. But fear not, it turns out that Summer Winds accepts kidneys in exchange for merchandise, so we’re all set for planting this week. (I’m kidding. Mostly.)

Despite the frequently higher prices, I like to go to Summer Winds to find organic options, as well as unusual plants. I’ll probably hit up OSH later this week, to see if they might have another variety of sugar snap peas, in addition to the Cascadia I found today.

Once I had invested the kids’ college money in plants, I came home to clear out the garden. In about 3 hours, I managed to get the plot mostly ready for planting:



Of course, it still needs a little work. I’ll work to get it finished tomorrow, and ready for planting (as long as it doesn’t rain too much tonight. Planting in really wet dirt isn’t good for the dirt or the plants.)


I’m very excited, because I’ll be trying a few new varieties this year. For example, I’ve never grown celery, and I’m really curious what it looks like in the ground, and, with the increased interest in kale and other dark greens, I thought I’d throw in a few of them as well.

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