Monthly Archives: January 2014

First Winter Clean Up

DSC_8412I finished the first Winter Clean up this afternoon – I filled 3 large yard waste containers in just under 3 hours.  I’m feeling a little guilty for muttering about being too hot when most of the country is suffering record low temperatures, but at least I got a good start on a little color in my cheeks.

I put out a box with avocados today.  I’ll try to continue to fill it as avocados come into season.  Although I’m not particularly fond of them, I know a number of folks in the neighborhood do enjoy them, so please do take a couple if you happen by.

Happy 2014!

It looks like it’s going to be a warm, dry Spring, so it’s time to get thinking about planting.  This morning I ran across the Old Farmer’s Almanac seed-starting guide, and it’s great.  Unfortunately, it means it’s time to get my tail, and garden, in gear – I need to be ready to plant those delicious peas in just a few weeks.

This year I’m planning to start some plants indoors as well.  Although the weather doesn’t require it around here, the bugs and critters do – especially for tomatoes.  With any luck, I’ll have more than enough plants to bring outside in March.

As I start adding to the garden, I’ll update the web page, too, so you’ll be able to identify all the delicious additions.

Happy planting!