Fruit and Vegetables


Sugar Snap Peas

My favorite vegetable to grow because they’re so delicious, and they remind me of a friend’s house where they had them growing when I was very young.  I usually buy mine as plants, rather than starting them as seeds, so they mature quickly.  I try to get them in in mid-March, so the first peas will be ready to eat in April.  You want to let the pods get as fat as your thumb, if you can wait that long, because the fatter pods are the sweetest.  The plant will continue to bear until it gets too hot – usually in late April or May.





The avocado tree in our yard was planted before we moved in, so we’re not exactly sure what the variety is.  It’s not particularly tasty, but it does bear fruit that you can ripen in a bag on the counter and eat.


Blue Lake Beans


Thai Hot Chili Peppers


Meyer Lemons


Mortgage Lifter Tomato

A delicious, low-acid tomato that’s very popular with kids.  Sometimes hard to find, but worth it.

Sweet 100s Cherry Tomatoes

The most popular tomatoes in my house – perfect for snacking because they’re small and sweet.  Plants usually put out a lot of fruit before dying back anywhere from late Summer to the middle of Fall.


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